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Starting a Clinical Trial: The Basics 

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Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are the core of a research team. Coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the study and ensure that research is conducted in compliance with the study protocol as well as federal, state and institutional guidelines and regulations. CRCs  may require working with the IRB, specialized training, and providing patient care throughout the trial process. To fulfill these responsibilities, CRCs need support and resources. OPRS has promoted CRC efforts by helping to develop education, establishing a Coordinator network and providing a forum to share available resources.

USC Courses and Training


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Information Brochures

The USC Human Subjects Protection Program has developed and printed a wealth of human subjects booklets available to users online or in hard copy by request to .

Human Subjects Booklets

  • Should I participate in research?
    This brochure has been designed to introduce patients to clinical research and provides them with contact information for exploring further the options available through clinical trials.  It is available in Spanish as well as English.

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Commercial Certification and Education

Research Coordinator Advisory Group

OPRS and the Research Coordinator Advisory Group work together to facilitate improvement in the clinical research process by bringing attention to current challenges. These meetings lead to RC education sessions, policy review and guide RC bulletin content.

Research Opportunities at USC

Explore the USC website Careers at USC to find new opportunities for research coordinators. Search the job category “Laboratory and Research” for available positions at all sites – Health Science Campus, University Park Campus, Verdugo Hills Hospital and Norris Cancer Hospital.
You may also sign up to receive “job alert” emails as positions become available. Click here for Jobs in Research.