Research Subject Pools

A Subject Pool is a research resource used to enroll a large number of “available” subjects as potential volunteers. Subject Pools are commonplace in Social and Behavioral research.

Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Lab
Healthy Minds Subject Pool
Psychology Subject Pool (USC Students only)

Marshall School of Business Subject Pools

Dept of Marketing Subject Pool (Students only)

Subject Pool Vendor

Sona Systems
For additional information, please click here for a link to a presentation on USC Subject Pools.

Subject Pool and Penalties for “No Shows”

Penalties for no-shows may not be assessed in subject pools.

The Federal Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) has determined that imposing penalty credits on students who fail to show up for scheduled appointments with investigators without canceling by a specified deadline violates the requirement of Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulation 45 CFR part 46.116(a)(8). Click here to read more.

OHRP has indicated that in subject pool policies, penalties may be assessed when students:

  1. Sign up for a study for which they are not eligible
  2. Sign up for the same study for multiple different times
  3. Sign up for a study in which they have already participated