Office for the Protection of Research Subjects

The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) is the administrative arm of USC’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). OPRS, in partnership with the research community, is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of participants in Human Subjects Research conducted under the aegis of USC. OPRS, which is a Division within the Office of Research, provides the campus and the four USC Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) with professional guidance and administrative support and oversight.


IRB Tip of the Week!

#1 Faculty Advisors

Eliminate unwanted emails from iStar by closing your graduated Student PI studies. Just press “Close Study” on the lower left side of the study home page. Close Study Screenshot

#2 Urgent Review

If you have a study that requires urgent review, please refer to the website for requirements and guidance. Take extra care to be sure that your request meets the IRB specifications. Only requests that adhere to the guidelines will be considered for review. Inquiries and requests that are missing required documentation will not be considered for review.

#2 Response to Contingencies

When contingencies are issued by the IRB, the investigator’s response to contingencies will be reviewed within 3 business days only if: 1) A complete point-by-point response addressing each contingency is provided, and 2) The response is submitted to the IRB within 3 business days of the contingencies being issued. An incomplete or inadequate response to contingencies will be returned without review and the subsequent response will be reviewed in the order received.


New Required Research HIPAA Course

USC researchers and staff who use or access protected health information will be required to complete the Research HIPAA course offered online through CITI when renewing certification for the Good

Office Closures

OPRS and IRB offices will be closed on the following dates: