Health Sciences IRB

HSIRB is located at the HRA Building, 1640 Marengo Street

The Health Sciences Review Board (HSIRB) is a committee of faculty, staff, and members of the community who review and oversee biomedical research by students, faculty, or staff. The review process is designed to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects by ensuring:

  • Equitable subject selection
  • Adequate informed consent
  • Assessment and minimization of risks
  • Privacy and confidentiality

HSIRB reviews all human subject research protocols in accordance with federal regulation, state law, and university policy.

Program Description

HSIRB is comprised of 3 boards and a team of staff reviewers. The 3 boards convene six times per month (combined) to review research studies involving more than minimal risk. Studies involving minimal risk are reviewed by IRB staff and committee members on a more frequent basis.