Complaints, Concerns and Report of Misconduct

Subjects/participants, researchers, IRB members, and others who have human subjects research related complaints, concerns, recommendations, or reports of suspected misconduct are encouraged to contact one of the offices listed below. Aspects of the Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) unrelated to the IRB may also be directed to these offices.

All inquiries are taken seriously and will be directed to the appropriate personnel. Where a complaint, concern, recommendation, or report of misconduct made to any one of the offices listed below reveals the need to consider modifying any aspect of USC’s Human Subjects Protection Program, due consideration will be given and changes made, as appropriate. Changes may result from serious allegations proven valid.

FAQs on Reporting Research Misconduct:

Should I Report Research Misconduct Allegations to my Department Chair?

Research misconduct allegations should be reported to the Research Integrity Officer (RIO).  If you are a department chair and have received allegations of research misconduct, promptly report those allegations to the Research Integrity Officer.  If you have already reported allegations to your department chair, also submit your allegations to USC’s Research Integrity Officer.

How Should I Report Other Allegations Related to Research?

The Office of Professionalism and Ethics maintains a hotline for filing reports or complaints.  Examples may include misuse of funds, sexual misconduct, lab safety, protection of research subjects, unmanaged conflicts of interest, and failure to follow intellectual property policy.

You may file such reports at the USC Help and Hotline.  You may also contact the Office of Research, the Office of Ethics and Compliance, or the Research Integrity Officer – Kristen Grace, PhD, MD


(323) 442-0114

USC Office of Compliance

(213) 740-8258

Office of Research Integrity

(213) 821-7291

Office for the Protection of Research Subjects

(213) 821-1154

Office for Human Research Protections

Confidential Reporting

Anyone who has knowledge or a good faith belief that an applicable law, regulation, or university policy has been violated, should report such information to the Help and Hotline. Instructions are available on How to Use Help and Hotline to confidentially report suspected misconduct, without fear of retribution.

Threat Assessment and Management

For Crisis Intervention or threat assessment (including instances where anyone on the study team has experienced a threat of any kind from a study participant), contact the Threat Assessment Specialist in the Office of the Provost.

Ben Kallin, MPA, MSW
(213) 740-0411